Are you looking for a thrilling adventure in Costa Rica? There are tons of activities that will quench your search for fun. From mountain biking or riding an ATV through the jungle to catching a wave on your surfboard, you can find the adventures of a lifetime in Costa Rica.

Just ask Chico to set you up with whatever activity catches your eye, and make your own exciting story to share! Below are some suggestions of the many adventurous activities Costa Rica has to offer.

Zip Line

Canopy Zip Line Tours are a unique way to traverse the upper canopy of the Costa Rican Jungle allowing visitors an unrivaled glimpse of wildlife. Zip from tree to tree at speeds up to 40 m.p.h. as you dangle high above the lush Costa Rican jungle!

Whitewater Rafting


Splash your way through Costa Rica’s many mountain and jungle rivers on a Whitewater Rafting adventure! Whitewater Rafting is a great adventure activity with a variety of difficulty levels for both amateurs and experts. There is no better way to traverse the dense rainforest and explore the Costa Rican wilderness than on its many waterways.



Surfing is a fun recreational activity where surfers ride breaking waves into shore. There are several prime locations near Sleepy Cove where surfing rentals and surfing lessons are available. Whatever your skill level, you can enjoy the excitement of catching that big wave in Costa Rica!

Horseback Riding


Horseback Riding is a fun adventure for people of all ages and skill levels. From trails in the jungles and mountainous regions to riding right on the sandy shores, riding horseback is a fun way to experience Costa Rican culture and nature.