There are a number of great tours and destinations to visit with or without a guide in Costa Rica.

Tempisque River

The Tempisque River stretches 86 miles. It is considered to be the most important river in the Guanacaste region. The Tempisque River’s dry tropical forest is an important habitat for several different species of monkeys, crocodiles, camine, iguanas, Jesus Christ lizard, and migratory and aquatic birds such as the boat billed heron, roseate spoonbill, white ibis, great egret, little blue heron, osprey, tri-colored heron, black-necked stilt, and bare throated tiger heron. The variety of birds in this region is the most extensive in the entire country. White-faced capuchin monkeys come right onto the boat.

A trip along the Tempisque will take you to the entrance of Palo Verde National Park. The best bird watching for aquatic species is found right here, as the park is favored by many migratory birds as they escape the cold winters in North and South America. The area’s density gives it a rich mix of mammal, amphibian and reptile life, including many crocodiles. The southern leg of the river passes through the Palo Verde National Park, many iguanas are seen here. It is a bird watching paradise as well, mangroves, swamps and both fresh water and salt water lagoons abound. Calm, relaxing float through one of Costa Rica’s national parks is an unforgettable experience.

Buena Vista

The Buena Vista Combo Tour includes all day activities: jungle canopy zip lines, water slide and horseback riding to mud baths, pools and sauna.

The canopy tour itself is an adventure tour where you play both Tarzan and Superman. You will wear a harness and be clipped onto cables at the top of the rainforest canopy and slide from tree to tree.

People of all ages can participate. Our 80 year old parents had no problem. Once you have done the canopy tour you grab an inflated tractor inner tube. You will jump into the water slide and the guide will release the water from above pushing you 400m down Costa Rica’s longest water slide to the pool at the bottom.

A wonderful lunch spread is provided between activities. We then rode horse to the next spot. If this was not enough, after the adventure part you will taken to the hot springs that are volcanic heated and the mud pools. You can if you wish apply the mud to all of your body and then clean it off in the naturally heated hot springs. The pools are very safe and run more like a river from one pool to another. Relax in the pools which are said to have miracle healing powers.

Rincon De La Vieja

This national park includes this volcano’s namesake active crater. Lower is an area of geothermal activity similar to that of Yellowstone National Park. Fumaroles, geysers and hot pools cover this area, creating a bizarre, other world landscape. In addition to hot springs and mud pots, you can hike to several secluded waterfalls. The bird watching and animal sightings are excellent. There are views from the higher elevations where one can see across the pasture lands to the Pacific Ocean.

Inglesia de Canas

In Canas well known painter, installation artist and local Otto Apuy has designed and enveloped the entire church with colorful mosaic tile. The church’s nearly 100 feet tall tower is entirely covered in mosaic. It is estimated that more than a million pieces of ceramic were used in the work. You may also walk inside the church. The church is located in the center of town, just a few blocks off the highway.

Llano de Cortes Waterfall

Located about 16 miles south of Liberia, the Llano de Cortes Waterfall is a beautiful and wide jungle waterfall with an excellent pool at the base. It is 40 feet wide and about the same tall. This is a great spot for a visit. The turnoff for the dirt road to the falls is marked with a wooden sign about 2 miles north of the crossroads for Bagaces. From the turnoff, you must drive a dirt road to the parking area and then hike down a short, steep trail to the falls. Admission is free.