With around 1,100 miles of coastline, countless lakes and rivers, Costa Rica is ideal for kayaking. Tours allow a more private exploration than mainland excursions because there aren’t as many people on the water.

Tours are open to both experienced and inexperienced kayakers, and are a wonderful way to spot wildlife both above and below the water. Kayaking is a great activity to combine with other activities, like snorkeling.

You may use our kayak and explore right off Coco Beach around the peninsula to the right and explore the most amazing secluded crystal clear water with white sand beach! Just ask Chico about using the kayak; it is included with your stay.

Our Kayak is a two-man ocean kayak with paddles. If you want more than one kayak for your expeditions just ask Chico. There are a number of local places to rent them for the day for only a few dollars.

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